Entrepreneur + Mindfulness Brand Founder + Media Company Founder + Photographer + Television Host

I was professionally schooled with a business communications degree graduating top of my college class with two honors programs, and I held a career focused in marketing while managing my hectic photography business (resulting from being 90% self taught). In pursuit of more of my dreams, it lead me to move out west to Napa Valley from the only home I knew in Boston, over a decade ago. I transitioned into content creator, television show host for our small station here in Napa Valley, and was featured in nationally publications with both my written articles and photography. I’ve covered many inspiring moments with local interviews, in addition to coverage on several Red Carpets talking with well known Hollywood stars BUT… and it is a huge “but,” I was not always on path and ready to reach my goals. I as told, “no” I couldn't and I was running uphill on a regular basis which helped shape me for what I was to become.

All of this has lead me to create this mindfulness brand I have built for you today, to share with you the stories and ways we can propel forward to pursue our dreams and in doing so “spark our spirit back to life” with those facets of life we all crave that encourage us to live more of the truest version of ourselves. My own story of transition shapes the very nature of the mindfulness brand. NICOLE M. CO is focused on a “revived” mindset + “space”, clearing clutter from both in order to truly allow us to anchor in the new and truest version of ourselves…. the version you’ve desired to become!

I wasn’t always all of these things. In fact, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been completely devastated over a “NO”. I feel like I’ve been given the challenges and hardships to face them head on and show others that they can overcome as well.

While I was pursuing a career in all facets of business communications with regards to marketing, sales and social media, I had also been keep a photography business afloat for the past 17 years. I’ve been balancing both aspects of my career for a long time now.

- The biggest “NO” I ever received that thankfully did not change the trajectory of my life and career but very well could have was when I was told “NO you should not even apply to a 4 year school since you would probably not get in with the poor grades you’ve been getting” They advised me that, I should only apply to 2 year state schools (by high school guidance counselors). It wasn’t until a movie, I watched just before college, called ‘With Honors’ along with the supporting loud voice in my head that said, “no you will apply for those 4 year schools and you’ll get in and graduate with honors”…. that I did, and I graduated with two honors programs under my belt top of my college class. This was no where in sight based on where I had just came from in the world of academics. I had received poor and almost failing grades in all my earlier years of schooling.
- What I later realized is that I was under so much stress and pressure at home that I had a hard time focusing and this is what I now know resulted in poor grades and low self esteem. It’s what I now call mind “clutter”.
- As the oldest child in an overbearing, over critical, and “under the microscope” but yet still loving family dynamic of an Italian household, I was feeling the weight on my shoulders from an early age almost all of the time growing up. I was the oldest by 8.5 years to my youngest sister and oldest by 4.5 to my middle sister. I was a sensitive, mature, and heightened and aware, empathetic good kid. I wanted to make everyone happy, do the right thing always and to take care of everyone being the best I could be to make no waves. This lead me to be over critical of myself later in life and proved to be hard on me as it weighed on me early on considerably leading to stomach issues, failing grades and hardships at home.
- I’ll never forget the time my sister was very very sick and she was undergoing surgery… I could feel the energy and weight of everything at home within my family and it made me feel as if I had actually done something wrong due to the negative vibe and energy experienced in the home. I later learned it was uncertain if she would survive and I had felt every effect of that weighing on my family as I took on a lot of the emotional pressures feeling every bit of it. I had also just arrived to a new school with new teachers, and this combination of all happenings at once had set me up for a lot of internal struggles lot of failures opening up the door for being self conscious during that time in my life.

The reason why I share all this with you is so that you know, what I call “mind clutter” shows up in many ways in all our lives and prevents us from really being able to focus on the life we are so destined to live, if we let it. If we don’t interfere it with new found things that replace this such as positive affirmations, creative visualization and other tools I’ve been able to use for years to help me through my life, that we offer here at NICOLE M CO., it can and will have a snowball effect on other areas of our life and the people in our life.

If you experience any mind clutter it could have shown up in your life as others naysaying words, or a negative effect from how you were brought up, or a not so good guiding advice steering you down the wrong path. Whatever it is, it’s up to you to change it overcome it and with the help of resources offering here through NICOLE M. CO. to pursue a lighter, happier, enriched life, of ease with a cleared up “REVIVED” Mindset emotional space and physical personal living space….and I’m here to help you do that!

I’m here to say (in the words of my grandfather said to me), you CAN do it and anything you put your mind to.

I’ll share with you the tools and offerings that I’ve learned that have literally shaped my life in a whole new way and given me a new found perspective on life and the people within my life as well.

If I had stayed who I was as that 4th grade kid streaking inward with embarrassment, blame and self consciousness, I would not have been able to be the multi passionate entrepreneur and individual I am today.

Upon moving to Napa Valley overt a decade ago is when my photography business really began to take shape more into a media company. I named it Bigshot. It soon turned into a full service marketing, social media, photography, and media business where I hosted on camera inspirational interviews. Often times I was working with a small budget and was the one interviewing, operating the camera and person to mic up the guests. I was a “one women trick show” and one that was often pulled in many direction struggling to survive in a competitive environment with many other talented photographers in the business but I moved here to Napa Valley cause it was a place where i could hear loudly my inner self blossoming and it was a place where no one could stomp on my dreams I had set for myself, I could believe what I wanted and do it with no negative feedback and make what i wanted to come true. I felt myself the strongest here in this place. I was at ease, happiest, free of burden of the mind, and free of the worry I had known that had once existed to me. A weight had been lifted and I was able to be the girl who I felt I had inside me all this time growing up but was allowed to let it shine outwardly in this time in my life with no judgement.

My hope today is that more people like yourself will be able to stand tall in their "future ideal self" becoming clear on where you’re capable of taking your life and allowing the “revived” mindset and “revived” physical space to awaken a sense about you the anchors you in this new version of yourself with which you were destined to be… filled with a zest for life!

(The 9-5 office life drained me and I knew it wasn’t for me. I was called for more….. It was truly important for me to live a life that didn’t feel mundane, but rather felt based on passion and gave me a sense of being completely enriched, so that when I arrived home at the end of a work day I was as vibrant for life as when I first set out for my day.)

What encouraged the move to Napa Valley from Boston

With each new marketing position I held, I pitched the opportunity to incorporate photography into the businesses I worked with straight out of college. My photography business began to grow and from there I adjusted my schedule to accommodate working only consulting and part time jobs alongside growing my photography business. It wasn’t until I truly made the leap and moved to Northern, California heading straight to Napa Valley in 2009 that I began to see the shift both in myself and in the projects I was being hired for. I had changed my environment completely and all that I knew, building a new network in a new place. I had a very strong intuition and endless dreams that spoke loudly encouraging me to make the move to Napa. I finally listened after 7 years of deliberating on it, part of me scared to leave everything I knew to a place where I knew no one.

When I moved to Napa I started taking on on documentary related interviews and projects. I was called on projects that asked me to capture others stories through means of a photo, a written article, and hosted interview segments at keynote well attended events and help by sharing others personal stories and brands. I was in uncharted territories where no one in my family had previously gone but I persisted in listening to my own intuition calling me beyond the ordinary and aligning me more with my souls' purpose. I had the faith to know it was God’s ways of shaping my life for more of what I was destined to live in the hopes of making a difference in others lives and I never felt like I was homesick or out of my element. It’s uncanny how much this all felt like it was so very natural to me and like I had almost lived here before in such a familiar way.

Over the past 17 years as an entrepreneur, I learned there were many things that I needed to be in place to stay 1. afloat 2. happy and 3. living my most soul fulfilled life. I soon was awakened to know that if I was feeling this way, many others were as well. The tools I’ve created and utilized over the years have been invaluable.

Nicole with Francis Ford Coppola on the movie set of Twixt

Nicole with Francis Ford Coppola on the movie set of Twixt

Passion persists every time

Living from a place of passion allows you to actually live anything you desire. I was not a professional photographer by many standards, since I had little formal training, yet my work was soon requested to be included for national publication by magazine like Vogue, South Shore Living, Daily Candy, Boston Common, San Francisco Brides, and Napa Valley Life, to name just a few. I was in no way an expert interviewer, yet I’ve been able to interview some of the most sought after inspirational individuals in the world who lived in Napa Valley as well as in Hollywood. I lived to lend the story to others ears to share what passions others pursued in their lives beyond all odds, and was enthralled with the means by which and I could share others stories through written articles, hosted segment, photography, and social media platforms. I was in love with the story behind the person and much in love with people as a whole humanity while they exemplified a zest for life leading them to their passions. Today, I continue to live this passion and zest for life.

Today, I’m a true believer that anyone can have a dream and go on to achieve what they set out to accomplish. It’s when you start beginning to plant each little seed one at a time, that you truly have faith enough and see it come to fruition. The possibilities you once saw as far fetched are actually quite possible after all. Through my journey of living my truest desires and goals, I have found that there would be many tools to help shape my life along the way. Each of these tools I provide to you here through the NICOLE M CO site on our SHOP page and COURSE page will reinforce belief in yourself. (See official bio for media purposes)

Nicole with James Marsden being interviewed for the Bigshot In Winecountry Show

Nicole with James Marsden being interviewed for the Bigshot In Winecountry Show