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Habit Shifts

Professional women ready to
Refine + Redefine.
Game changers for Home+Mindset
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Establish New Habits

To lighten your life free of emotional & physical clutter = Anchor into a new version of yourself pretty immediately with the use of our services.

Through our offerings you will …



At Ease. Comfort. Great about yourself.



Anchored in a new version of self shifting from chaos to strong emotionally.



Clarity. Answers to your questions guided by your own strongest inner wisdom from your higher self; lifting weight off your shoulders.


Live a life “revived”

Habit shifts leading to a more focused outcomes for meaning & richness in your life. Feeling utmost
ease . enjoyment . fulfillment.


We revive

Entrepreneurs, professionals, caregivers, coaches, & those feelings stuck. We want those willing to receive answers to propel forward in the life they had wanted.


We are

Dedicated to habit shifts; dream pushers; Mindfulness coaches; seed planters …outcome driven.



Lifestyle habits that really shift your life for the better; Adjusting from the average can’t do, can’t stand, can’t miss to the ease of knowing that all is well and worth every minute from what you once adjusted to. Eliminate the overwhelm; live your truest destiny. Walk in the shoes of your ideal “future self that you set for yourself on our call together”


Hi, I’m Nicole.

The founder of NICOLE M.CO. I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur. I was told I couldn’t do what I wanted by living the 9-5 life in my corporate career. I broke free to start living much of what I knew deep within as a desire to be fulfilled with so much more. It led to moving cross county to Napa Valley, California from the only world I knew in Boston, Massachusetts and becoming enchanted with the soul calling I found within. I now live an empowered life doing what I love.

But… it wasn’t easy. I took a lot of practice with habit changes that I hadn’t always known but was slowly learning time and time again and it led to an avenue where I was called to pursue my dreams. That’s where the Revived Home and Mindset came to be: I hope you’ll allow me to help you pursue your dreams, live as you always thought you should, and begin to pursue the dreams among you that are waiting to be called to fruition. Start here by signing up to our email newsletter (see above link for free habit shifts, offerings, and tools of the trade)!

With love,


Nicole, entrepreneur & transitional coach; focused on giving you a revived perspective of your life for the betterment of a mindset + home equipped with change.

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to our newest course called “Revive”

(5-week online course shifting your every lifestyle habit that will move you into a transition of the next stage of your life in the best way possible).

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The Seeds You Are Planting

take shape to affect the outcome. Let’s make a change to plant the right ones of our every day. Together we’ll do this with our habits, shifts, and better made decisions through practices learned on our calls, in our emails in our inspiration threads within out blog!