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Hi, I’m Nicole.

What started as the 9-5 corporate life took on a whole new shape from being a marketing focused business professional to then pursuing only passion focused projects that spoke to my soul with a determination to make a difference while doing it!

I was professionally schooled with a business communications degree graduating top of my college class with two honors programs, and I held a career focused in marketing while managing my hectic photography business (resulting from being 90% self taught). In pursuit of more of my dreams, it lead me to move out west to Napa Valley from the only home I knew in Boston, over a decade ago. I transitioned into content creator, television show host for our small station here in Napa Valley, and was featured in nationally publications with both my written articles and photography. I’ve covered many inspiring moments with local interviews, in addition to coverage on several Red Carpets talking with well known Hollywood stars BUT… and it is a huge “but,” I was not always on path and ready to reach my goals. I as told, “no” I couldn't and I was running uphill on a regular basis which helped shape me for what I was to become.

All of this has lead me to create this mindfulness brand I have built for you today, to share with you the stories and ways we can propel forward to pursue our dreams and in doing so “spark our spirit back to life” with those facets of life we all crave that encourage us to live more of the truest version of ourselves. My own story of transition shapes the very nature of the mindfulness brand. NICOLE M. CO is focused on a “revived” mindset + “space”, clearing clutter from both in order to truly allow us to anchor in the new and truest version of ourselves…. the version you’ve desired to become!

Want to learn more about my story?!
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“Lifestyle-ist” transition coach - focused on a revived mindset + home - content creator, nationally published photographer, and television host.

 Are you ready to live more like your ideal future self, who you intended yourself to be? Together we’ll focus on living a more balanced, refreshed, fulfilled & enriched lifestyle clearing the way from the clutter that interrupts this ease of life in both your mind & space.

N M Co. is a mindfulness brand all about encouraging you that yes. you can, adjust your life in a way that sets you free to of burden and overwhelm and overcome worrying thoughts and begin to appreciate life through a mindset shifted and alleviated of the pressures of life, and equipped with new ways of dealing better with stress, overwhelm, and uneasy situations making you the “ease of life queen/king”. Managing our inner thoughts lend to an open door to meeting your truest desires with a new found drive and focus and life enjoyed more fully.

Join me on this journey, as we connect deeply with your truest ideal future self, discovering a new found confidence in all that you believe and desire for yourself shifting your daily practices. Self care moments, affirming and giving way to a deeper sense about yourself. Join our course, 1 on 1 calls, and easy way of living offerings that include goal trackers, organizing systems & enriching ways of living. Wishing you all the enlightenment and enriched ways that call in all the zest for life your truest self can handle! Get Started HERE! Plus see our 5 week course curriculum below….

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Learn how you can settle a new version of your best self through this 4 step awakening with us.

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