The 5 Week Course
“SPEC” Revived ideal future self awakened ©

  1. Live more fully and present appreciating and shifting your perspective on life (having more of the lifestyle you were intended to have with positive reinforcement tools to carry you through from the past)

  2. Prepared custom goal setting based on our extensive guided visualization meditations just for you

  3. More focus..gather a de-cluttered mindset, revived more of who your ideal self was destined to be

  4. See your environment change as you become this new version of yourself so that evidence of your surroundings changes the you who you’ve become

  5. Begin to see a new you unfold with a shift in perspective and awareness about the way you think and behave

Think of life in a way that provides a way for less stress, worry and pressure where you enjoy the little things again?! Imagine a time when you felt so at ease with life and were maybe on a destined vacation you finally took the time to go on. Recall when you got back how you felt at focused and driven and ready to achieve the world.. well I’m about to bring you that vibe and feel without even leaving your home. Often times the moment like this is right in front of you. All the things we want to do and achieve are there but it can at times worry, stress, and anxiety takes over and stops us in our tracks. “SPEC gives you a spec refresh mindset” allows you to take a step back, hit the reset button and recall your deepest desires. You’ll begin to feel accomplished …making all the little strides that give you a boost in making action towards really big goals. It all starts now with your belongings and how you live in your daily life!

Let’s begin… start with my “spec” © refresh mindset program.

“SPEC” represents having faith * “as small as a mustard seed” and all that God gave you and believing in your dreams and goals.
* The biblical reference from Matthew 17:20.
To do so we must get rid of old beliefs that don’t serve us, old belongings, and reinvent the way we are doing anything that’s not working in order to live fully and meet our desired goals. Visit our four- stage “SPEC” program to meet daily accomplishments. This program was inspired by the way of life led by Nicole’s grandparents own daily practices.

Offering individual coaching sessions + a 5 week online course (see below)





Plant the - seeds- to your life and envision your future self

* "I assure you that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, ….There will be nothing that you can't do." Matthew 17:20 



- plan- and goal your future for achievement



- enriched- way of finding enjoyment in every little action in life



Clear - old beliefs of yourself and old belongings preventing you from moving forward with your ideal lifestyle and future self


Individual Sessions

SEED - ©
planting of your hopes and dreams believing in yourself
Creative Visualization
(A Private 1 on 1 one Session Call)

In this session together we will:

  • Review your souls desires.

  • Dream again about you wish out of life and see a path laid out on how and where you an take it.

  • Believe in yourself and all that you hoped for eliminating some of blockers you once had.

  • Envision accomplishing what you always wished you could.

  • Discover what you deserve in life and envision claiming it.

This is a verbal call, guided meditation and journal assignment.
Join me for this exceptional workshop experience on a call where we will embark on a journey into your ideal future self! On the onset of a new life shift it will be propelling you from one stage of goals to another. Through my coaching call and the technique of “Creative Visualization” we will go through a meditation to tap more into what you truly desire, having confidence in what you want and learning what your soul is saying it wants of your life goals. You’ll begin to learn

  1. What your future ideal self is saying to your current self to strengthen

  2. Gain belief in yourself that yes you can do what you set out to

  3. Discover from conversations your future ideal self How to go about achieving it. Your ideal future self knows and your inner strength can be brought out in this special time of your life.

  4. Take home worksheet tools creating the actionable goals list from a.) main goal to b.) subgoals to finally set out to meet and complete goals that once you thought weren’t attainable but now suddenly are.
    75 minute session ©