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The 5 week Course

sign up for focus, certain where you’re heading in life and a home that reflects a new found version of yourself
Walk the walk beginning with our SPEC © Revived Mindset Program, encouraging soulful lifestyle shifts


The 5 Week Course
“SPEC” Revived ideal future self awakened ©

  1. Live more fully and present appreciating and shifting your perspective on life (having more of the lifestyle you were intended to have with positive reinforcement tools to carry you through from the past)

  2. Prepared custom goal setting based on our extensive guided visualization meditations just for you

  3. More focus..gather a de-cluttered mindset, revived more of who your ideal self was destined to be

  4. See your environment change as you become this new version of yourself so that evidence of your surroundings changes the you who you’ve become

  5. Begin to see a new you unfold with a shift in perspective and awareness about the way you think and behave

Think of life in a way that provides a way for less stress, worry and pressure where you enjoy the little things again?! Imagine a time when you felt so at ease with life and were maybe on a destined vacation you finally took the time to go on. Recall when you got back how you felt at focused and driven and ready to achieve the world.. well I’m about to bring you that vibe and feel without even leaving your home. Often times the moment like this is right in front of you. All the things we want to do and achieve are there but it can at times worry, stress, and anxiety takes over and stops us in our tracks. “SPEC gives you a spec refresh mindset” allows you to take a step back, hit the reset button and recall your deepest desires. You’ll begin to feel accomplished …making all the little strides that give you a boost in making action towards really big goals. It all starts now with your belongings and how you live in your daily life!

Let’s begin… start with my “spec” © refresh mindset program.

“SPEC” represents having faith * “as small as a mustard seed” and all that God gave you and believing in your dreams and goals.
* The biblical reference from Matthew 17:20.
To do so we must get rid of old beliefs that don’t serve us, old belongings, and reinvent the way we are doing anything that’s not working in order to live fully and meet our desired goals. Visit our four- stage “SPEC” program to meet daily accomplishments. This program was inspired by the way of life led by Nicole’s grandparents own daily practices.

Offering individual coaching sessions + a 5 week online course (see below)





Plant the - seeds- to your life and envision your future self

* "I assure you that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, ….There will be nothing that you can't do." Matthew 17:20 



- plan- and goal your future for achievement



- enriched- way of finding enjoyment in every little action in life



Clear - old beliefs of yourself and old belongings preventing you from moving forward with your ideal lifestyle and future self


Individual Sessions

SEED - ©
planting of your hopes and dreams believing in yourself
Creative Visualization
(A Private 1 on 1 one Session Call)

In this session together we will:

  • Review your souls desires.

  • Dream again about you wish out of life and see a path laid out on how and where you an take it.

  • Believe in yourself and all that you hoped for eliminating some of blockers you once had.

  • Envision accomplishing what you always wished you could.

  • Discover what you deserve in life and envision claiming it.

This is a verbal call, guided meditation and journal assignment.
Join me for this exceptional workshop experience on a call where we will embark on a journey into your ideal future self! On the onset of a new life shift it will be propelling you from one stage of goals to another. Through my coaching call and the technique of “Creative Visualization” we will go through a meditation to tap more into what you truly desire, having confidence in what you want and learning what your soul is saying it wants of your life goals. You’ll begin to learn

  1. What your future ideal self is saying to your current self to strengthen

  2. Gain belief in yourself that yes you can do what you set out to

  3. Discover from conversations your future ideal self How to go about achieving it. Your ideal future self knows and your inner strength can be brought out in this special time of your life.

  4. Take home worksheet tools creating the actionable goals list from a.) main goal to b.) subgoals to finally set out to meet and complete goals that once you thought weren’t attainable but now suddenly are.
    75 minute session ©

& Goal for your future for achievement
Calendaring Life Goals for Actionable Results (A Private 1 on 1 Session Call)

This is a verbal call. Please have your paper planner and/or online calendar ready to go for our session together!
Join me for this organizational course drilling down on your all soul filling goals and calendaring them into your life.

  • We’ll organize it on your calendar keeping lists to make it real and set in motion

  • Without actionable results we can’t ever achieve anything we had hoped for

  • This will give you the encouragement and easy way of planning in one step at a time seeing where it can be placed into your schedule and into your tasks list setting big goals in motion.

  • See boulders in your way and iron about a plan to overcome by setting up meaningful task action items and delegation systems so that you’re that much more likely to get it all done.

  • Making the plan a reality and getting the ball rolling with action items in your calendar setting free the misconception that you have to pack way too much in.

  1. Learn how not to put too much in your calendar and how the results yield getting more done

  2. Find a streamlined process of doing things which finally results in accomplishments

  3. Revisit your ideal future self and what he/she wants out of life

  4. Setting your time frames in advance for deadlines to set intentions
    * be prepared to have motivational know-how tips to take on new habits and a finessed new way of thinking of life and task items once on your list.

    Setting time aside the things we want and desire. 6. Rediscover how setting each goals and mini task within the goals you set can keep you in line for making the goal am accomplished one. Stay focused on what is you need in order to accomplish anything.

    Learning how to say no

    Eliminate multitasking to focus on what it is you get done daily

    Easy Checklists to keep you focused and forever moving forward towards goal completion with priorities set.

    Ensuring these goals set are satisfy to your soul

    60 minute session


way of being true to your ideal future self, finding enjoyment in the little things and living from an a feeling of luxury no matter or how small the moment (1 on 1 call)

  • Putting practices in place like my grandmothers own way of setting out talcum power and rolled towels in the bathroom to show appreciated moments kept us feeling nurtured and treasuring the simplest of moments (finding a new found zest for daily life)

  • Practices that aid us in being mindful as you take action in your daily activities and not racing through it all feeling flustered.

When we dress up for a gathering the way it makes us feel is a representation of what it means to take care of ourselves and makes things a priority where we emphasis areas in our life. This sort of self care promotes health & wellbeing in that area of our life. Think what it could do for all facets of our life if were living enriched in those other aspects that we once needed like that of meal time, preparation time for us getting ready for the day. Think of the way you feel and what if you had not dressed up that day what response would it have on your persona? This is the way we must begin to think of our life; living amongst it appreciating for the moment. All things are the little things.

About the workshop:
Fine tuning what you do on a daily basis and have your own private cheerleader encouraging you and cheering you on. Be notified of information and details about our upcoming online workshop. Limited space available per session.

Upon signing up you will be sent details about the workshop to see if it’s the right fit for you!

Together we will…

  1. Keep you pursing what you love that speaks to your soul

  2. Easy ways to renew yourself as you’re working hard on this

  3. Claim your worthiness in achieving what you really desire

  4. Enhance your positive outlook on life

  5. Saying no and yes to what you really want to

  6. Receive wisdom from others and inspiring stories of others overcame to achieve all that they have

  7. Positive reminders proven to shift your mindset so you set out to achieve more

  8. Prevent you from taking on the world on your shoulders

  9. Checklists to keep you organized and on point with your goals

  10. How to take time out for yourself and away from all stresses (the refresh you need to go on bigger and better)

  11. Tools to visualize your future self to new heights where you never saw possible

  12. How to balance it all when we’re trying to achieve it all; and be easy on ourselves

  13. How to avoid listening to words of failure both from ourselves and others

  14. Lighten your load to find a means to hear your success inside you

  15. 1 on 1 coaching calls set times per month


old beliefs of yourself and old belongings preventing you from moving forward with your ideal lifestyle and future self (1 on 1 call)

  • We’ll go through propelling affirmations that shift your mindset replacing old thoughts that are weighing you down and stopping you in your tracks from moving forward in your life and in your goals.

  • We’ll scan your house and declutter emotional and physical things weighing you down streamlining life and making it easier to want to go through daily activities.

  • Determine together what in your life and home holds you back that you may have not looked at in your life.

    This is a virtual call where we together build on the simplicity and enjoyment of life again. Similar to that of when you joined a new hobby or a new vacation and the effects it has on your well being. It's a refreshed way of looking at things. Together we'll take a look at your space and go over what is working and what isn't. Refreshing the belongings in your space and the process by which you do things till you've begun to look at life again through new eyes.

60 minute session 




5 WEEK ONLINE “SPEC” © Refresh Mindset Course Includes: two 2 live calls.
INVESTMENT: 1 payment of $2000 OR 4 payments of $500 each

Week 1

Seed Planting

Seed planting of your hopes and dreams believing in yourself through Creative Visualization

Week 2


PLAN & Goal for your future for achievement
Calendaring Life Goals for Actionable Results

Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


ENRICHED way of being true to your ideal future self, finding enjoyment in the little things and living from an a feeling of luxury no matter or how small the moment

CLEAR old beliefs of yourself and old belongings preventing you from moving forward with your ideal lifestyle and future self.

Bonus week see it all in action; you will be given easy templates showing ways to employ examples into every day daily actions sure to be easy everyday tools to carry through your lifetime.