Nicole Marino is an entrepreneur originally from Boston and today is based in Napa Valley living her dream as the founder of Nicole M. Co. a resource site for offerings (Including the "Refresh & Balance" Planner) that provide other driven business professionals with the resources for streamlining their hectic lives, empowering through motivational tools, and refreshing what feels mundane in order to put energy back into accomplishing daily tasks leading to more purpose and success in their lives and careers.

Nicole was named by Napa Valley Life Magazine as one of "Napa's most intriguing people." She received her degree in Business Communications graduating with two honors programs and later established her media business following a career of 17 years as a nationally published photographer, marketing social media manager, and television host. Moved by other peoples successful empowering stories, Nicole focused her career on capturing the stories of other inspiring individuals both in Hollywood and that of local iconic public figures within Winecountry through still photography, written articles and her television segments.

Interviews include that of Aaron Eckhart, Somm,Thomas Keller can be found (here) Photography work has been featured in Vogue, Wine Spectator, South Shore Living, Boston Common, SF Brides, Wine Dogs Book. Articles Nicole has written have been featured in Napa Valley Life and CA Home & Design. Press covered on Nicole's achievements include that of (see press articles below) The Wine Country Book featuring Napa Valley's leading ladies. Among her were that of Hilary Newsom & Amanda Harlan.

- It was through the successful use of offerings she created for herself after having her own revelations on the importance of balancing life & career as a passionate entrepreneur-hobbyist enthusiast socialite-jet setter-go-getter-volunteer-and-take-on-the-world woman that lead to wanting to share them with others.



START OF HER Career: focused in Communications  & marketing joining Photography to the mix

Upon Graduation started in positions in marketing. Leading marketing initiatives for an insurance agency, a high end floral company, & commercial real estate companies in Boston, Massachusetts. Also, worked as a freelance photographer. Photography began getting recognition and work was featured in several publication.


Vogue, South Shore Living, Daily Candy, Boston Common Magazine, Colliers Magazine, Wine Spectator, SF Brides

2009 - moved to napa valley, California to pursing a living among the environment she wished to propel her dreams that lead to the  need to communicate clients brands through  social media + written articles + photography

Find articles featured in California Home and Design, Wine & Hospitality, Napa Valley Life Magazine, and Photography featured in print below


Wine & Hospitality, Balancing Life While Living Your Dream

California Home & Design, High Design Reigns St. Helena

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Notoriety  led to television interview segments that has aired on the local napa channel

Richard Marx, Celebrity stars at the Napa Film Festival and Live in the Vineyards, Bottle Rock, Celeb stories and interviews of Billy Bush access Hollywood, James Marson, Local Winecountry celebs Chefs, and local winery owners and winemakers, Terlato Family Tony Terlato, Mike Grgich, Jean Charles Boisett, Musicians: Scars on 45, Matthew, Nicole captures Photos and interviews of many Hollywood stars and local icons within Winecountry on the red carpet: (to name a few) Pierce Brosnan, Mathew Macononnah, Aaron Eckart

nicole m. co. brand was launched - calendars and planner and n.m. co mission was recognized in the community

As a huge advocate and deep love for the ageing community, it's been an honor to designate a portion of the proceeds of the calendar/planner towards the volunteer days held at the nearby Veterans home of Yountville in Napa Valley. Other offerings through the Nicole M. Co brand include focused efforts to help others pursue a life in balanced that aspires to include all that gives them passion in their lives.


Napa Valley Register, "Business Women Creates Calendar Celebrating Women" - Featured 2017