I was always a believer in dreams coming true and many things in my life would ultimately shape me to live from a place that fully spoke to my soul. I was certainly not about to live a life that was standard and structured similar to that which I learned growing up although I had tried time and time again. I started my career living what some would say was the “stable” 9-5 office life. I knew beyond a doubt that it wasn’t going to work for me and I felt very called to live outside of that mundane lifestyle which often drained me. I later began embracing my truest talents and passions living more from a place that was fully vibrant and refreshed. Straight out of college, I began working in marketing and business while living in Boston and always had a compelling sense that there was something more for me. It was truly important for me to live a life that didn’t feel mundane, but rather felt based on passion and gave me a sense of being completely enriched, so that when I arrived home at the end of a work day I was as vibrant for life as when I first set out for my day. Over time, I began living the life I desired, and pursued more of what made my soul the happiest it could be but that wasn’t always the case. Living this way fully from the soul began to happen more as I chose to pursue positions that allowed my photography passion and creativity to develop.

With each new marketing position I held, I pitched the opportunity to incorporate photography into the businesses I worked with. My photography business began to grow and from there I adjusted my schedule to accommodate working only consulting and part time jobs alongside growing my photography business. It wasn’t until I truly made the leap and moved to Northern, California heading straight to Napa Valley in 2009 that I began to see the shift both in myself and in the projects I was being hired for. I had changed my environment completely and all that I knew, building a new network in a new place after following a strong intuition and endless dreams that spoke loudly encouraging me to make the move. My truest desires started steering the focus of where I was destined to be and I took on documentary related projects. I was called on projects that asked me to capture others stories through means of a photo, a written article, and hosted interview segments to showcase others personal stories and brands. I was in uncharted territories where no one in my family had previously gone but I persisted in listening to my own intuition calling me beyond the ordinary and aligning me more with my souls' purpose. I had the faith to know it was God’s ways of shaping my life for more of what I was destined to live in the hopes of making a difference in others lives.

Living from a place of passion allows you to actually live anything you desire. I was not a professional photographer by many standards, since I had little formal training, yet my work was soon requested to be included for national publication by magazine like Vogue, South Shore Living, Daily Candy, Boston Common, San Francisco Brides, and Napa Valley Life, to name just a few. I was in no way an expert interviewer, yet I’ve been able to interview some of the most sought after inspirational individuals in the world who lived in Napa Valley as well as in Hollywood. I lived to lend the story to others ears to share what passions others pursued in their lives beyond all odds, and was enthralled with the means by which and I could share others stories through written articles, hosted segment, photography, and social media platforms. I was in love with the story behind the person and much in love with people as a whole humanity while they exemplified a zest for life leading them to their passions. Today, I continue to live this passion and zest for life.

Early on growing up, I faced obstacles with nay-saying school leaders, as well as a stigma from a certain learning style, and took on many stresses as an at times worrisome, quiet, empathetic, and self conscious youngster with failing grades that very well could have turned my personal story into failure. At that time it was not in my character to live outside the norm of my small sheltered Bostonian Italian upbringing and move to Napa Valley to go on to later make successes for myself. Through a new found gumption, and inspiration from a movie I had watched just before heading to college, I began to learn to tune out the negatives, pursued a four year college degree and went on to graduated top of my college class with with two honors programs under my belt which had seemed impossible prior.

The words of my grandfather had always rang true for me. He would often say, “you can accomplishing anything you set your mind to.” Graduating the top of my college class with two honors programs under my belt became like a stepping stone for more to come…

Today, I’m a true believer that anyone can have a dream and go on to achieve what they set out to accomplish. It’s when you start beginning to plant each little seed one at a time, that you truly have faith enough and see it come to fruition. The possibilities you once saw as far fetched were actually quite possible after all. Through my journey of living my truest desires and goals, I have found that there would be many tools to help shape my life along the way. Each of these tools reinforced belief in myself and the dreams I had set out to accomplish for my life. Today there are tools that I would go on to create. These tools are what keeps me striving for success and each lends a helping hand in others everyday lives. I hope you’ll join me as you are reminded of the positive, the mindset, drive, and ease of life you can have while progressing in any life goal. (See official bio for media purposes)

Calendar of Winery ladies
(supporting women in their pursuit of the dreams)




I am a “documentarian” thru and thru with the love for capturing peoples life stories. Please find an array of supportive work that I engaged in during my travels and experiences. You will find noted articles where this work has been featured in press publications as well. (See Right, press links)


Life-Stylist + Entrepreneur +  Business Woman + Nationally Published Photographer + Documentarian + Television Host + Old Soul + Water Aerobics Going + Wonder Women Archer + Ball Room Dancer + Organized Obsessed + Country Music Loving + Muti-Passionate + Change Maker + Go-Getter + Passion Seeker + Love for the Elderly + Veterans Home Volunteer + Dreams Driven + Charity Supporter + Jet Setter + Self Acclaimed Proud Wine Snob.

Throughout my life I’ve always had a deep innate understanding and interest in the realm of psychology and originally began my studies in college in this field. I started an honors thesis on subject matter of “happiness” which plays a role in Nicole M. Co. offerings. today.



2001 - START OF HER Career: focused in Communications  & marketing Joining Photography in the mix

Upon graduation started in positions in marketing. Leading marketing initiatives for an insurance agency, a high end floral company, & commercial real estate companies in Boston, Massachusetts. Also, worked as a freelance photographer. Photography began getting recognition and work was featured in several publication.


Vogue, South Shore Living, Daily Candy, Boston Common Magazine, Colliers Magazine, Wine Spectator, SF Brides

2009 - moved to napa valley, California to pursue a living among the environment she wished to propel her dreams that led to the  need to communicate clients brands through  social media + written articles + photography

Find articles featured in California Home and Design, Wine & Hospitality, Napa Valley Life Magazine, and Photography featured in print below


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2011 - Notoriety  led to television interview segments that has aired on the local napa channel

Richard Marx, Celebrity stars at the Napa Film Festival and Live in the Vineyards, Bottle Rock, Celeb stories and interviews of Billy Bush Access Hollywood, James Marson, Local iconical winecountry celebs Chefs, and local winery owners and winemakers, Terlato Family Tony Terlato, Mike Grgich, Jean Charles Boisett, Musicians: Scars on 45, Matthew, Nicole captures photos and interviews of many Hollywood stars and local icons within Winecountry on the red carpet: (to name a few) Pierce Brosnan, Matthew Mcconaughey, Aaron Eckart

2015 - Nicole M. Co. brand was launched - calendars and planner and n.m. co mission was recognized in the community

As a huge advocate and deep love for the ageing community, it's been an honor to designate a portion of the proceeds of the calendar/planner towards the volunteer days held at the nearby Veterans home of Yountville in Napa Valley. Other offerings through the Nicole M. Co brand include focused efforts to help others pursue a life in balanced that aspires to include all that gives them passion in their lives.


Napa Valley Register, "Business Women Creates Calendar Celebrating Women" - Featured 2017