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Lifestyle means everything.

How you exist in your every day is deeply affected by how you live within your thoughts…


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Your online mental spa to grow more into who you desire to be…
stress-free + refreshed + balanced !

When I set out to accomplish my career goals I started slowly learning it was necessary to have certain specific 4 key criteria in place, in order for me to want (and to be able) to pursue my goals. Without one or two of these items in place, I was out of sync. To make up for being out of sorts, I found I would need to hustle a little more and stressed more to compensate for such circumstances. I had always strived for maintaining my happy, ease of mindset lifestyle that would keep me staying positive and interested in everyday life that was the cause of allowing me to be able to thrive towards working towards completion of my biggest goals and little everyday tasks.
What I found was we are all in need of hitting the refresh button on life from time to time and the 4 areas of criteria worked for me they would work for so many other people striving for complete daily happiness and fulfillment. No matter what stage of life you’re in, you can hit the “refresh button” to stop yourself in your tracks and reinvent and draw in who you hope to be each day. it’s a necessity to refresh and enjoy the ease of life to become refocused and invigorated for each day. Think about the time when you so desperately needed a vacation and recall how it felt to be invigorated during travels and the feeling you had upon the return of your trip; ready to approach life again in a very present way of living.

Without these little reset’s or I liked to refer to them “Spec” of hope we would indeed have life sucked right from us. We may be feeling out sync with of ourselves; zapped of the enjoyment of life, our reserve tank feeling spent, true desires getting placed on the back burner, anxiety at a high, and what we wanted out of life seems out of arms reach losing our edge. When we live running on empty it will literally take away our drive, and can cause added stress to our life. Childlike minded passions go by the waste side. Recall the deepest desires you set for yourself & believe in putting them in motion through four small adjustments…

Join me here where you can literally regain strength again in yourself + feel stress-free armed with better defenses for lives stressful burdens + feel reinvigorated with life again + Meet goals you hadn’t met before based on the passions you re-discover within yourself + your health and happiness get replenished.

Join me as we embark on this journey together through offerings I’ll share to:

Find meaning purpose, and living life from the soul!
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Get ready to be refreshed + balanced + and goal centered driven for productivity and with empowerment

See you there!

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Spec Mindset Program © begins will planting a seed and seeing through all the stages that free up your life for more ease, happiness, and follow through



1.Plant the - seeds- to your life and envision your future self

"I assure you that if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Go from here to there,' and it will go. There will be nothing that you can't do." Matthew 17:20 



2. Goal & - plan- your future for achievement

Setting in motion the things that came up for your future self as you once dreamed for yourself.



3. Finding enjoyment in the little things and living from an
- enriched- way of being true to your ideal future self

believing in making the most of the moment with simple enjoyment in the way you live in your home.



4. - Clear - old beliefs of yourself and old belongings preventing you from moving forward with your ideal lifestyle and future self

Change your environment and the belongings within it to result in change for the greater good.


On this site you’ll find

- Shift from the mundane daily grind mindset
- Receive reminders to take a daily "refresh" which you deserve
- Organize and focused tasks to drill down on big goals
- Inspiration to propel forward finding the drive within
- Mini de-stressing activities
- "
Ease of life" mentality reminders balance life shifts necessary for goal growth
- Tools keeping you focused on accomplishing your goals
- Clear the clutter of your space and mindset offerings for focus on goals
- Reminders of ways to self care; enjoying simple luxuries again