Entrepreneur + Media Company Owner + Documentarian + Television Host + Communications Savvy = becomes “Lifestyle-ist” mindfulness coaching passionate founder.

I was always a believer in dreams coming true and many things in my life would ultimately shape me to live from a place that fully spoke to my soul. I was certainly not about to live a life that was standard and structured similar to that which I learned growing up although I had tried time and time again. I started my career living what some would say was the “stable” 9-5 office life. I knew beyond a doubt that it wasn’t going to work for me and I felt very called to live outside of that mundane lifestyle which often drained me. I later began embracing my truest talents and passions living more from a place that was fully vibrant and refreshed. Straight out of college, I began working in marketing and business while living in Boston and always had a compelling sense that there was something more for me. It was truly important for me to live a life that didn’t feel mundane, but rather felt based on passion and gave me a sense of being completely enriched, so that when I arrived home at the end of a work day I was as vibrant for life as when I first set out for my day. Over time, I began living the life I desired, and pursued more of what made my soul the happiest it could be but that wasn’t always the case. Living this way fully from the soul began to happen more as I chose to pursue positions that allowed my photography passion and creativity to develop.

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