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Revived >>> Jump start any task.
Zest & drive heading your way to begin thriving in your day. Ready to get back in the game!? Gain momentum here.



As an entrepreneur for over 17 years, I built my mindfulness brand to share the practices I’ve been using in my own life that have kept me thriving and propelled me through what had held me back. These practices have shaped my life and I hope they’ll do the same for you so you’ll stand in the presence of the organized “ideal future self” you intended to be with empowerment, momentum and a sense of ease.



At times we can beat ourselves up, and get discouraged with the right tools and positive reminders we’re able to become propelled from what’s not working and shift into believing in ourselves. Our mindset around it plays a role in everything, how we live in our home, and how we appreciate the moment, and the drive that we possess for our future goals.

- Are we feeling stagnant in what it is we’re trying to create
- We’ve lost ambition or drive and maybe even energy and focus.
- We may have lost our way and found we’re feel compelled to do something we haven’t yet approached yet.
- We may begin to see the evidence in our home and life

When this happens we feel many emotions anxiety, overwhelm self doubt, and maybe even boredom. There are ways to gain our traction back. - Feeling zest for life enjoying in the moment is one of the end goals we are all hoping for. I’m here to assist you with this so that you can pursue our goals, endeavors, and truest passions constantly like the ideal self you had hoped to be.


  1. You’ll receive life shifts that will give you a new found perspective on your life and career.

  2. You’ll begin to see your tasks and projects in a new found way having had the opportunity to create an awakening within yourself that settles the overwhelm, anxiety, and naysaying which we all have from time to time.

  3. We all need a lighter, easier breezier, enriched way of looking at life, and more a way to make time for the enjoyable aspects of life that can empower us into achieving what fulfills us. You’ll begin to shift in this way through action items to propel you.

  4. You’ll find new found enjoyment in the little things by employing the mindfulness shifts I’ve prepared for you. You’ll begin to see the ways you can overcome and approach obstacles, tasks, naysaying, and stuck-ness with less fear and worry and more belief in yourself and enjoyment for the moment.

    Get ready to receive:
    - Positive affirmation that allow you to feel uplifted in your everyday life goals and tasks
    - Action items that encourage the enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures again
    - Gained Clarity practice to yeild traction for accomplishing more that you had intended
    - Organized systems to refocus on priorities with calendar goal setting
    - Selfcare practices to refresh your mindset that ultimately bring back a desired interest in your big item goals
    - Ways to live empowered and enjoyed within your space
    - New found drive and passion due to refreshing in your daily time management practices here

    Begin to live more enriched and revived similar to that of the “ideal future self” you’ve been hoping to be.
    To learn more about your “ideal future self beyond this FREE offering please check out our programs page and select “Creative Visualization” Meditation call.

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