way of being true to your ideal future self, finding enjoyment in the little things and living from an a feeling of luxury no matter or how small the moment (1 on 1 call)

  • Putting practices in place like my grandmothers own way of setting out talcum power and rolled towels in the bathroom to show appreciated moments kept us feeling nurtured and treasuring the simplest of moments (finding a new found zest for daily life)

  • Practices that aid us in being mindful as you take action in your daily activities and not racing through it all feeling flustered.

When we dress up for a gathering the way it makes us feel is a representation of what it means to take care of ourselves and makes things a priority where we emphasis areas in our life. This sort of self care promotes health & wellbeing in that area of our life. Think what it could do for all facets of our life if were living enriched in those other aspects that we once needed like that of meal time, preparation time for us getting ready for the day. Think of the way you feel and what if you had not dressed up that day what response would it have on your persona? This is the way we must begin to think of our life; living amongst it appreciating for the moment. All things are the little things.

About the workshop:
Fine tuning what you do on a daily basis and have your own private cheerleader encouraging you and cheering you on. Be notified of information and details about our upcoming online workshop. Limited space available per session.

Upon signing up you will be sent details about the workshop to see if it’s the right fit for you!

Together we will…

  1. Keep you pursing what you love that speaks to your soul

  2. Easy ways to renew yourself as you’re working hard on this

  3. Claim your worthiness in achieving what you really desire

  4. Enhance your positive outlook on life

  5. Saying no and yes to what you really want to

  6. Receive wisdom from others and inspiring stories of others overcame to achieve all that they have

  7. Positive reminders proven to shift your mindset so you set out to achieve more

  8. Prevent you from taking on the world on your shoulders

  9. Checklists to keep you organized and on point with your goals

  10. How to take time out for yourself and away from all stresses (the refresh you need to go on bigger and better)

  11. Tools to visualize your future self to new heights where you never saw possible

  12. How to balance it all when we’re trying to achieve it all; and be easy on ourselves

  13. How to avoid listening to words of failure both from ourselves and others

  14. Lighten your load to find a means to hear your success inside you

  15. 1 on 1 coaching calls set times per month