During our one on one meditation workshop anchor into a new version of yourself getting clear about your life & career.

What can you expect

  1. Life shifting one on one 2 hour workshop 1 hour visualization call, plus 1 hour planning action item goals (with a 15 minute break in between)

  2. Become more anchored in a new version of yourself

  3. Clearer mindset from emotional clutter, overwhelm, more ready to move past hardships that has been weighing down your life

  4. Direction and answers for your life finally becoming more clear

  5. Align with and view your ideal future self learning more how you want to proceed and get clearer on how this new found self lives during daily practices in home, family life, and career

  6. Start overcoming the past in your mindset shift

  7. See the results how how you want to conduct your life a shift with new found perspective how you see yourself and your life

  8. You meet the you, the you that you had within all along

  9. Feel a sense of ease, and calm being guided by your inner wisdom

  10. Have the opportunity to see and feel first hand how all you want is available within you and you had it all along