Tapping into Your Ideal Self (SPEC Program ©)

Tapping into Your Ideal Self (SPEC Program ©)



About the workshop:
Now a way to fine tune what you do on a daily basis to have your own private cheerleader encouraging you and cheering you on. Be notified of information and details about our upcoming online workshop. Limited space available per session.

Upon signing up you will be sent details about the workshop to see if it’s the right fit for you!

Together we will…

  1. keep you pursing what you love that speaks to your soul

  2. Easy ways to renew yourself as you’re working hard on this

  3. Claim your worthiness in achieving what you really desire

  4. Enhance your positive outlook on life

  5. Saying no and yes to what you really want to

  6. Receive wisdom from others and inspiring stories of others overcame to achieve all that they have

  7. Positive reminders proven to shift your mindset so you set out to achieve more

  8. Prevent you from taking on the world on your shoulders

  9. Checklists to keep you organized and on point with your goals

  10. How to take time out for yourself and away from all stresses (the refresh you need to go on bigger and better)

  11. Tools to visualize your future self to new heights where you never saw possible

  12. How to balance it all when we’re trying to achieve it all; and be easy on ourselves

  13. How to avoid listening to words of failure both from ourselves and others

  14. Lighten your load to find a means to hear your success inside you

  15. 1 on 1 coaching calls set times per month

5 Week Online Workshop

I recall sitting on my parents back patio and sipping water out of a wine glass listening to classical music. I was only about 12 and I would say to my family, "I feel rich" but we were not rich in monetary means (my parents worked hard but I'd say we were middle class). What I later found was, I was rich in spirit feeling life's highs in the little things for everyday life. At that early age I mirrored what I had felt at times growing up close with my grandparents. My grandmother often had a carefully displayed array of towels prepared when you got out of the shower with talcum powders and shampoos to choose from making you feel like a princess. The process by which we would get ready when we stayed over night at her house was purposefully and well taken care of. There was no rushing through this process. If I could always live in the moment taking in the simplifier finer things in life no matter what my financial status can you imagine how you begin to see your life. It’s treasured. Each moment enjoyed due to a state of mind. Our principles today here at Nicole M. Co. are all built of this very principal- “Refreshed & Balanced”.

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