Guided Meditation Creative Visualization (1on1 Call)

Guided Meditation Creative Visualization (1on1 Call)


This is a verbal call, guided meditation and journal assignment.
Join me for this exceptional workshop experience on a call where we will embark on a journey into your ideal future self! On the onset of a new life shift, it will be propelling you from one stage of goals to another. Through my coaching call and the technique of “Creative Visualization,” we will go through a meditation to tap more into what you truly desire, having confidence in what you want and learning what your soul is saying it wants of your life goals. You’ll begin to learn:

  1. What your future ideal self is saying to your current self to strengthen

  2. Gain belief in yourself that yes you can do what you set out to

  3. Discover from conversations your future ideal self How to go about achieving it. Your ideal future self knows and your inner strength can be brought out in this special time of your life.

  4. Take home worksheet tools creating the actionable goals list from a.) main goal to b.) subgoals to finally set out to meet and complete goals that once you thought weren’t attainable but now suddenly are.
    60 minute session
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*Be prepared to bring a journal to your session with me. In person and call based meetings are acceptable.

The tools of Creative Visualization can literally propel you from one stage of your life to another and give flight to an awareness of everything you’ve always hoped for. By visualizing our future self and we’re we are hoping to head in both our life and career it gives reality to the concept of meeting those desires. It can also be a tool for discovering that which we want out of life that we tucked way down deep within us. Join me as we go through some motivational tools calling in more of what you want out of life. Our session can be recorded if you so wish so that you can choose to play back as a reminder to learn what you want again and again.

During our session together we’ll drill down on a call what is guided from within to develop answers from self to explore in a deep visualization of what your future self wants. If you can envision it you can achieve it. In this process you are literally drawing out of you what it is you already know. It’s this process that you are able and allowed to go into a deeper level of awareness about self and I am drawing out of you a visually unfolding story of what it is you already have within in you in order to encourage it to happen for you. We often block ourselves with our thoughts in negative ways and in this clearing and envisioning we will begin to conquer this. Discover a motivation from deep within in order to propel forward in a process of starting a new from scratch in a way you had not yet faced upon in the past that will envelop new processes for life and for your goals in the way you drill down on these.