1on1 Calendaring Life Goals for Actionable Results (workshop)

1on1 Calendaring Life Goals for Actionable Results (workshop)



This is a Video Call. Please have your paper planner and/or online calendar ready to go for our session together!
Join me for this organizational course drilling down on your all soul filling goals and calendaring them into your life.

  1. Learn how not to put too much in your calendar and how the results yield getting more done

  2. Find a streamlined process of doing things which finally results in accomplishments

  3. Revisit your ideal future self and what he/she wants out of life

  4. Setting your time frames in advance for deadlines to set intentions
    * be prepared to have motivational know-how tips to take on new habits and a finessed new way of thinking of life and task items once on your list.

    60 minute session

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