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As an entrepreneur it was easy to get flooded with a million little tasks, and worries that came with that about my life and business. These stresses had affected me so that all the moving parts within an every day got jumbled. Therefor it was a treading water type feeling vs. a climbing and striving type mindset. Until…. I began to employ little lifestyle shifts and new habits that shaped the way I would think and view my life.

This transformational way of being allowed me to be more light and at ease with life so that I could and would focus on more that mattered. I progressed not felt stuck.

Now a lot of people are coming to me drawn to me when they are at a transitionary state ready to transform but needing that next thing that is gonna get them there.

This 1 on 1 call gets you from a place in the mind where you think like your old self stuck, living the usual and into a state of believing and walking into the footsteps of your future self. Ready for answers on what direction you should take.

My future self knew I should be in Napa. I once thought I felt my husband there. No I felt happiness there, no I found and felt ease there, no I felt myself there. My future self! For over a decade now I have been living here in a place where I had yet to know anyone. Little habit changes brought me here.

Now whether you’re like me and take a drastic change in where you’ve set off to be or if you’re just taking a little life changing of inner world then you’re on the path of a transformation that can shape your own life.



75 minute session: 1 on 1 call with me
Life shifting call, plus a “put into action” item goals downloadable sheet

Tap into your FUTURE IDEAL SELF, to lead with a life you hoped for

Learn what's holding you back in life and business!


Allow all the answers of what’s holding you back, and why you’re being held back, in addition to what you then need and how to overcome, and what next steps to take to unfold during our session together. Enjoy a "REVIVED" MINDSET creative visualization 1 on 1 call with me to connect with Your Ideal Future Self.

Allow yourself to begin to spark your soul back to life!

On this intensive call, tap into an area of yourself that will allow you to view life differently to get answers in your life and begin to have interest in completing a project in order to free up emotional clutter and overwhelm that's been stopping you in your tracks.


Goal to Overcome:

Complacent feeling in life, uncertain direction, lack luster lifestyle, the hustle, & feeling like you're not making any headway.


- support

- answers to make a shift

- Fast & easy change

- see your life the way you've hoped it could be.

During our one on one call

anchor into a new version of yourself …and clear about where you are headed in your life & career - with immediate answers of how to change what’s not working.

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  1. Become more anchored in a new version of yourself

  2. Clearer mindset from emotional clutter, overwhelm, more ready to move past hardships that has been weighing down your life

  3. Direction and answers for your life finally becoming more clear

  4. Align with and view your ideal future self learning more how you want to proceed and get clearer on how this new found self lives during daily practices in home, family life, and career

  5. Start overcoming the past in your mindset shift

  6. See the results how you want to conduct your life a shift with new found perspective how you see yourself and your life

  7. You meet the you, the you that you had within all along

  8. Feel a sense of ease, and calm being guided by your inner wisdom

  9. Have the opportunity to see and feel first hand how everything you want is available within you and you had it all along

Does your past have an influence on what's happening in your life?


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BONUS: with call

  • A set of action steps from inner knowing (recorded on call) that are very tangible to follow this shift you’ve just had from our one on one call.

  • 2 Worksheets to carry you through after the workshop as you begin to put into action keeping you aligned from what transformations came out of the workshop

  • 1 downloadable positive affirmations to keep that are automatically sent out reminding you of your worth & strength keeping you aligned in your mindset during this (each week for 5 weeks following your workshop).


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How to know if this is for you?

Are you ready for a shift?

Maybe this sounds like you….
1. you’re quite the over-giver
2. over thinker
3. Strong one for yourself and family
4. you’re always holding it all together
5. trying to do so much
6. not giving yourself as much time and attention as you deserve
7. Find yourself just trying to keep up with your life vs. enjoy it on most days
8. You like to please others sometimes at your own expense!
9. You’ve pretty much have given the last of yourself at times.
10. You put so much pressure on yourself
11. Making time for yourself seems like the last of priorities and much like an ongoing chore or rushed promise to yourself
12. More often than not you feel depleted, tired, racing from one thing to the next or lonely without a balance
13. You’re not making traction in the areas of your life which you wish you would
14. Your house is messy or in piles; showing evidence of what’s happening in your internal world which is scattered, and thrown together at times
15. You’re beyond lacking zest for life on most days feeling depleted most days
16. You find yourself emotionally drained and trying to play catch up to replenish yourself at times.
17. You may often times feel like you’re running race against time, life, have little support or have a hard time asking for support.

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place!

From me to you,

Hi, so from this point in your life on ….you once had envisioned what was your hopes and dreams of a lifestyle you desired. You at times see yourself taking 2 steps forward and 3 back on most days getting further and away from a consistent lifestyle you had hoped for. I’m here to help you with a shift. I have some relief headed your way empowering you and to help you regain your energy, passion, and zest back into your life!

Today begins the awakening when you book this call with me!

YOU get you to see what you have within you. I don’t tell you … you tell yourself! That’s the great thing about it … that you see and feel for yourself what you’re capable for. You’re literally reeling yourself back in during our visualization intensive call.

… Calling yourself back into to what you love to do, what you love to experience and the person you love to be.
From here on out live more of who you desired yourself to be for yourself, your family, and your life and for the younger self you have within that dreamed for you what you’d be at this very age!!!**


Think back about all the possible hopes and dreams you once had for yourself!

Here’s how…let’s start by declaring that here______________ what did you want at one point for your life?
Naming your big dream goals… and setting yourself free of the worry we can begin to define them by a feeling, a place, a time …and determine how far from them are you? Let’s begin by stepping into the future awakening of YOU during this call together. Let’s begin for a change to result…

Get Ready!

On our call together you’ll begin to step into that way of seeing life again and soon will begin to set them in motion.

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Napa Valley, California

“My experience with Nicole has been amazing. Her intuition is uncanny - effortless and spot on. I showed up to my first session confused about my life, on edge, exhausted and ready to ugly cry. I was hoping to get a little clarity from the session, but I had no idea what a pivotal shift I was about to make. Nicole was a compassionate listener, supportive and yet very honest. When she started my visualization exercise she knew exactly what to ask and where to take me. It wasn’t about telling me what to do, it was about guiding me to my own wisdom and inspiration - and the answers were so clear. It was this re-remembering of who I truly am. I just wasn’t expecting such a profound experience. It blew me away! After visualizing, Nicole helped me work through all the questions and thoughts I had, and we formulated a set of takeaways and action steps that are very tangible. I feel like a huge weight has dropped off me! I feel anchored in this new version of myself. Thank you so much Nicole for facilitating this breakthrough for me!”



Southern, California

“Nicole connected me to my higher self. I asked questions and for the first time received answers. Thank you”



From UK living in Spain

“Nicole was amazing. I loved my session with her. It was a beautiful relaxing time in which I created a visualization of my perfect future and how to get there. Nicole helped me make it so vivid, including helping me tap into emotions. Since then I have found it easier and easier to tap into those emotions as I walk towards my future self.



Monterey Bay, California

“Nicole's deliberate, intuitive direction was the source of enlightened motivation I've been seeking for a long, long time. I felt clarity I've sought for years, having worked in journalism in a high-stress environment for the last decade. Nicole helped me to realize that I already have the skills I needed. I just needed to go through the positive mental process with her to recognize it. Nicole was able to help me see already what was in front me: my clear life goals. She has a gift for getting people out of their rut. I have been in a rut for years. Thank you so much!"



Boston, Massachusetts

“I went from chaos/stress to ease, sunshine and strong emotionally."



Nova Scotia

“I had a beautiful session with Nicole to work through some old fears that I have been carrying with me for a long time. She did an exercise with me that involved meeting with my younger and my future self and I felt such a sense of peace afterwards. It felt really comforting to go back to my younger self and just be there for her at a time when she felt really alone. It was also amazing to meet my future self and she brought some much needed comfort to the present day me. I am looking forward to my next session with Nicole!”

— A.S.