When all the small stuff in a space makes life cluttered emotionally

When we have too much clutter in our space it creates clutter in our minds and prevents the focus we need to drill down on our goals. So if you’re finding you feel scattered you know you can more likely look around your space and see evidence of where this is showing up in your space. I’m certain you will see it right where you need the releaving most.

For instance: does your kitchen look like a bomb hit it? Is your refrigerator a disaster with stuff in every random place you can fit a bag, or bottle? Or is it empty? Whatever the case it’s a clear depiction of what’s actually happening in your life. Are clothes scattered around the space of your bedroom and bathroom? Do you find yourself rushing to get ready in the morning vs. taking the time to feel your best. What every it may be the evidence if this shows up in your space and it’s good cause now you can see where to work on bettering these areas of your life.

Let begin together by going through some basic clutter clearing tips of how to minimize the small stuff scattered around. (This is the only preliminary phase of uncluttering to get the ball rolling for you - for more tips and help with uncluttering visit the Shop page for add on bookings)

  1. Go through every room and put all the loose items that are scattered about in a pile.

  2. Take that pile and begin to discard anything that should go in the trash barrel like old papers, worn shirts that don’t fit and are ripped

  3. Put dishes in the sink or clothes in the dirty laundry bin or back away where they should go

  4. If something needs to be done with any of the items that you have in that pile, add this to the list you will now created and title it “ MUST DO’S” add it to the list “fix button, or return book to xyz person, what ever needs to be done.

  5. Look at your home again and ask yourself is there anything that feels cluttered still? I’m sure you will find items that just feel to small for the space. Ask are you liking how they look in your home, do they do anything to help the space, or are you utilizing them and do they create a feeling within you that you just love this item. If not, put it in a new pile. You will have 3 piles labeled now donate, gift, trash, and refurbish in another part of your space. This represents a place for items that you can utilize in other areas of your home or space that make the item feel new again. For instance I took a container I once used for candy in the kitchen and washed it out and used it for toiletries in the bathroom and I love love the container now. Before it felt overused and boring to me. The new space was awakened again and fun to look with the new container in it. I felt like I had a new space and an uplift!

  6. All the items you should have in your home should be larger than your smallest items with only 3 items or less of smaller feel in the space. Small items can feel like nick-knacks in the house if they are part of the decor. I’m not talking about storage container for the purse, or to be used in draws as jewelry storage, I’m referring to decorative items and things that feel like a mess cause they are cluttered with a bunch of smaller items like your grandmothers coffee table with lots of little candy jars, and decorative items that don’t feel function and no longer feel like they exude a good fresh feel for the home or space.

  7. Do you enjoy your space and live in it or are you just displaying things that are functional? Feel what it feels like to utilize items in your space for function like a fun serving tray that you place a tea cup and magazine on as your enjoying your favorite music or television show.

You can take my “refresh workshop” offered here to helping you shift life patterns when it comes to clutter clearing so that you have a clearer mindset and space. The results a more productive lifestyle. My course course comes out this January! Stay tuned in by joining my mailing list so you don’t miss the bonus offerings and discounts around this course!