Get Unstuck Fast - to get anything done

Every wonder why you can’t get out of your own way at certain times throughout your day? We’ve all been there and can get there frequently in the course of any given week. When this happens do you ever notice that you also just haven’t found the time to work on the little things in your life and around the house? If this ever happens to you chances are your probably noticing patterns. I have the solutions for you and some “know how” about what’s happening and how to put a stop to it so you can put a start to what it is you’re wanting to get accomplished!


Take a look at your home & work space: What’s in your view at the moment. Do you notices little things scattered about and in random places? Are dishes in the sink, are clothes in their respective places or are they scattered in the bathroom, on the bedroom floor and still in the unfolded laundry basket? If you said yes to any of these items I want you to take a step back and pause for a moment. These items and others in scattered disarray stem from your mind not being in the present place it needs to be to actually get focused. Here’s what you are gonna do to shift this in your body and in your space.

If however, you did not say yes to any of these items. I want you ask yourself what tasks are overwhelming you that they seem intangible? __________________


  1. Step outside or stand up and stretch your arms and legs. Get the blood flowing not only to shift what’s happening in your head but also what’s in your heart with a new perspective. Take a refresh moment with me.

  2. Breathe deeply in this moment and let the belly go. Do you feel yourself breathing more at ease and unrestricted. You may have not realized but there was a place in your belly that was holding in air and you weren’t letting it go. Let it go … fully…

  3. Take scan of the room and if you have time schedule a place on the calendar where you will begin to put items in respective places within the home. Leaving no loose items around in various places. All little items should have a place to go. (Read my post on putting little items back in their places to help guide you out of overwhelm on how you’ll want to do this)

  4. Change the vibe and energy in the room by either putting on a relaxing music and shutting the television if it’s already on or changing the station or shutting the music altogether if it’s a disturbance.

  5. Change the position of your computer and ensure your desk is cleared off completely. That does mean keep a business card under the monitor …. no remove all items… each and everyone of them. Having an item under the screen is like having belongings under your bed… you may not think they are bothering you by being there but it takes up an emotional and physical energy that feels of mind clutter. We don’t want anything adding to this. Don’t believe me try it and see what it free’s up for you. Put your loose items that you pulled from any respective places in a large basket designed for take care of it later tonight or tomorrow.

  6. I want you to take a pause from what you are doing right now in this moment as you feel overwhelmed…. and I want you to write down all the things that are making you feel overwhelmed right now. Make a list get it on paper handwritten and beside that list I want you to make a column for the answer to why you feel overwhelmed. It should start with “because I can’t, or because I need this to happen first, or “because I haven’t been able to” or “ I first need to” This will clear up a lot in your mind that you don’t even realize is holding you back and allow for you to step into place of solving that or and beginning to iron it out …actually facing what the situation is. Often times we brush things under the carpet, and we have no idea why it is we are feeling something but the minute you see it, call it out, look it square in the face is the moment you begin to get clearer on how to fix something. You can do this with anything you are trying to solve or get past.

  7. Drink water… concentration and lack of energy comes from lack of hydration and being properly fed and fueled up for energy and desire to take change in making something happen. Do this now. Take a food and/or water break. Also, be cognicient of what foods zap your energy and focus. Make a list of what foods over time you’re noticing do this to you. It’s not something you have to figure out today but rather something to track on a written list to know so you can make necessary adjustments.

  8. I want you to ask yourself and answer this honestly. Where are you doubting yourself and where is this holding you up on what you’re trying to accomplish? Make a list that starts with “I’m doubting myself with this” and in the other column “ “I think I can fix it by doing this” and start with a positive affirmation about yourself so for instance it should start be something like this beside it “I know I can do it because I solved xyz and that allowed to do xyz.

Action Item:

I’d love to hear what worked for you and what shifts happened because of this. Leave a comment below and let’s us know what is working and where you need more help on this…