Today's a no make my bed kind of day

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Some days you just need to live free of stress, any set regimens, and free of the processes by which we normally operate in order to fully embrace a more slowed down life of ease. It's in that relaxed state of mind that we refresh and truly hear what we want out of life...and most important begin to actually achieve it. Today is one of those day when I declared the permission to NOT make my bed.  Anyone who truly knows me, knows that I'm obsessed with the fresh organized and streamlined process of a meticulously made bed.  There are many reasons for this and I'll go into that another time BUT... for now today is the day of no bed making and here’s why… On various days it's necessary to be renewed free of the pressures of having to have it all together and rushing through life with which the ordinary ways we operate often times just going through the motions. When you stop what you’re living to finally live simplified what do you hear from your inner self? I want you to ask yourself what do you hear your soul say? What makes you truly happy and fulfilled... and why? That's the key… why?

The why often plays a role in the way we’ve set our goals for ourself and how we keep our goals. 

Are we drilling down on each goal and making them a priority or do we often go weeks before tackling the little items keeping us drilling down on our goals?  Often times we can set our goals in our mind without any action plans towards becoming closer to meeting them. Here’s why you may not be reaching them… without a true action plan and a notion to blast boulders that are standing in our way, it can very hard to accomplish any true dream. Here is the fix!


Assigning Sub Tasks to Your Action Item Goals in Order to Become Closer To Completing Them

Here are 5 systematic ways to begin meeting your action item goals so you begin meeting them living closer to your dream life:

  1. Write it down! You must write it down to make it happen. Writing it down on paper is even more steadfast in having it become a reality and has been proven so. Make a list of at least 10 of the most important BIG action goals you hope to set for yourself

  2. List beside that what or who is holding you back from achieving this (in a column to the right)

  3. Then under that I want you to write 3 ideas of what is making you feel like you need or what this. Have you every noticed on occasion we are dead set on a goal and then it never gets met; when we happen to look at it months down the road we realized we only felt pressure for meeting it but yet we really never wanted to complete it. It felt too heavy for us and how amazing that it didn’t get met and we were okay and fine after all. These are self satisfying goals for someone or something else that we have trouble saying no to.

  4. Now of the goals you have that are your “real hopes and dream goals,” let’s list 3 ways we can achieve and conquer. This will often be for instance a smaller task that is feeling daunting but needs to take action on in order to get towards accomplishing your big ticket goal!
    For example: Your BIG Goal - may be to finish redoing a basement but you know there are things standing in your way. Identify what these are.
    Tasks needing to be completed within the goal: having spouse or loved one remove items in that space, go to the store to pick a paint color, set up a time for donation truck to pick up items crowding space, purchase containers to store items in.
    By identify these, you’ll be able to get closer to working through it and learning how to achieve it. It seems all so daunting at times and yet by breaking it down in this way we are fully able to achieve anything we desire.

  5. Finally I want you to look at what these little tasks are and under them write a due date as well as what’s holding these back from being met. Leave room for check marks and begin checking things off as you satisfy your goals met.

Give it a try! I’m curious to learn your progress and what’s happening for you!

Action ITEM:
Leave a comment here under the post. I'd love to hear what it is you find that is peaking your  interest and your souls calling as well as how you sifted through things to get more of what you wanted.

Wishing you love for life!

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