Meaning behind the NM CO brand


Sometime you just do need to hit the refresh button on life to get refocused on what it is you want. To believe in yourself that you can have it. I'm just a busy girl that needed tools that could help me stay focused on what I needed to accomplished on a daily basis and in a way that allowed me to prioritize what truly spoke to my heart and soul. If you're anything like me you'll love what I've created for the same reasons that I needed it. I can only hope that you'll be You'll want to delve down into each offering to allow it to help you become truly in tuned with what you want in life. It doesn't what stage of life  I was over done, smooshing too much into my daily life. Welcome to what I refer to this as your online spa. Are you just going through the motion on most days. Looking for more but can't get out of your old ways and patterns and living the rat race of life?


Sometimes we're so focused on giving so much of ourselves to our families, our career, our peers and we forget how much our own life takes the back seat. We forget to take good care of ourselves in the process. Here's your chance to hit the "refresh" button on life so to speak. Nicole M. Co. brand is all about giving you that refresh that is absolutely necessary to be able to function at optimal levels. It overrides anxiety, feelings of stress and worry when we take necessary time for ourselves to fully know our worth our desires and treat ourselves. My hope is these tools will help you to  feel more productive, balanced, and confident as you are empowered to go in the directions of your dream life lead for more happiness. You'll start operating from a place that drills down on important goals and daily tasks in a less mundane way and a new found refreshed way to look at it all.  

At Nicole M. Co. we are focused on "refreshing" your mindset + "refreshing" your space = so that you may balance your goals for success and happiness. Without this kind of balance it's immediately efficient of the effects it can have your life. Your outlook may not be as at ease, and carefree, you're maybe always running from one thing to the next vs. enjoying the moment and the space you call your home and your mind is scattered and flustered at the littlest of things.

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Wishing you much enjoyment and success in a your refreshed, balanced lifestyle with productivity and empowerment!



Over my 17 years as an entrepreneur, I learned there were things I needed to stay afloat and happy and also living a meaningful life. That’s when I learned other people might be needing what I was needing all these years. This whole brand is focused on giving you the tools and resources that you are needing to stay in touch with your soul’s calling for more and having the strength within in you know your true self worth. We will clear the clutter of your mind and your space through positive affirmations to believe in yourself and your goals, strengthen your ability to hear what you true purpose is by clear mind clutter to keep the focus, and clear the clutter within your space that directly has an impact on your creativity and is a direct reflection on what purpose you have in your life and find solace being in touch with the little things in life, through appreciating each moment.

When I launched my photography business I had the desire to capture the stories of others lives and chose to do that through photos, written articles, and interview segments of others success stories and thing very thing the propelled them to live from the fullest place within their soul. I was truly capture the path a person too to arrive to their own success in their life. This was ironically similar to the path I myself had been on to succeed.

I told myself two things. 1. I needed to change my environment and had to live at college in order to focus on my goals 2. I had lead myself in prayer and faith daily to gain momentum from a higher power keeping a positive mindset.  Both of these two things I believed literally gave me the space and mental energy to propel me into believing in myself and begin to build confidence with the more I achieved.

environment and the effect it has on so much

I wanted balanced and not found running from one event to the next. What I wanted was more of balance and found ease in my life vs. chasing it. So I began to keep checksheets for myself that would help me for my goals. Eventually these checklist proved to be the driving force within my company. I had already created a calandar that other found successful and invigorating for incorporating more found stories within our valley. But what I love most was paper and organizers. I looovvveed organizing. Like I got a high off of it and always had. Friends and family would often ask me to refine a space with some belongs streamlining it. It soon became I could not go into a space without thinking about with I would do to it. 

THE "Refresh & Balancing" CALENDAR PLANNER + FREE offerings emailed for daily practice + Downloadable PDF checklists

On this site you'll find tools that empower you to: 
- Shift from the mundane daily grind
- Take mini breaks necessary for evolving into more of who you want to be
- receive reminders to take a daily "refresh" which you deserve
- Stay organized and focused on your big goals
- Inspiration to propel forward even when you're tired
- Help in giving you energy back into your day
- short mini de-stressing activities
- "
light on stress" mentality reminders balance life in the mist of a life shift for more willpower to succeed
- Tools to help you more likely to accomplishing your goals
- tools that help you Clear the clutter of your space and mindset to accomplish more that's meaningful to you  
- Gaining momentum
- Refocus and refresh your life for less of the mundane
- Feel more balanced & at ease

- Gain enjoyment in the simple luxuries of life again!

As an entrepreneur I was well aware of the up's and down's with balancing it all. It was important to me to live a life where I could focus more of my free time enjoying what I loved while staying propeled to meet my goals. That's when I started creating tools that would help me with all of this and today I'm sharing this with YOU! We all want to feel a life of ease and it's easy to get caught up in the hectic lifestyle of adding too much into our schedule and taking on too many belongings and giving way too much of ourselves to others which can lead to anxiety, overwhelm, and uncertanty.  

There was 3 things I did a decade ago that changed my life dramatically and shifted it from mundane to momentum for utter happiness

1.  Environment - I changed where I lived (moved from the eastcoast to westcoats and how I lived and what belongings I choose to live with.

2. Left the 9-5 working world for what spoke to my soul and passionate creativity

3. I lived based on dreams and passion not fear of it for what I should do becasue society and certain people told me to because it was stable.

There was a time in my life when I needed to feel renewed. I needed a lifetime of living like I was on vacation. In life I had lived in vacation type of setting already in Napa Valley but I found it was through the little beloingings i had at home that I felt renewed.. Like in my rolled towels and plush setting of comfy comforters. Putting your mask on first so you can help others.


  1. over-worked and over succeeders looking to remain positive in life,

  2. mindset with achieving all that you dreamed without sacrificing your inner health. My offerings have created simplifying & seamlessly lifestyle changes.

  3. Overachievers

  4. Driven but tired now


  6. My offerings below help you to envision your future simplify with tools

  7. keep you pursing what you love that speaks to your soul

  8. Easy ways to renew yourself as you’re working hard on this

  9. Claim your worthiness in achieving what you really desire

  10. Enhance your positive outlook on life

  11. Saying no and yes to what you really want to

  12. Receive wisdom from others and inspiring stories of others overcame to achieve all that they have

  13. Positive reminders proven to shift your mindset so you set out to achieve more

  14. Prevent you from taking on the world on your shoulders

  15. Checklists to keep you organized and on point with your goals

  16. How to take time out for yourself and away from all stresses (the refresh you need to go on bigger and better)

  17. Tools to visualize your future self to new heights where you never saw possible

  18. How to balance it all when we’re trying to achieve it all; and be easy on ourselves

  19. How to avoid listening to words of failure both from ourselves and others

  20. Lighten your load to find a means to hear your success inside you

Two stories:

Drinking water from a wine glass “ i feel rich mentality”

Gram’s way of living life fully by the senses.

When I was young I recall sitting on my parents back patio and sipping water out of a wine glass listening to classical music. I was only about 12 and I would say, "I feel rich" but I was not rich in money by any means (my parents worked hard but I'd say we were middle class for sure). I was rich in spirit feeling life's simplicity and ease. I always knew what living for more felt like yet I didn't know how I knew since I had no experience with this.

It started with a planner/calendar that I created and it lead to me drilling down on what I normally do in my own life. I'm always organizing and refining things whether it's belongings in my home or checklists that I'm constantly revamping. I love organizing and in fact I get a high off of it! I love it! What is it that drives you and what is that makes that stay consistent enough to keep a success and happy lifestyle?

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I always believed in making my dreams happen. It starts with a goal and completing it one task at a time.


Simplify Systematize + Refresh your over Saturated Life in order to find Balance & Enjoyment. 

The 2018 “refresh” planner comes out this October.  Download the FREE easy-checklist PDF that helps you with accomplishing your goals.



Environment is everything. It can make or break your productivity. The moment you change your surroundings to match what it is your want to be living is the moment you begin to see a huge shift that will literally change your spirit. Everything will start falling into place in your life more effortlessly.